Maintenance Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Windows

Aug 7, 2018 9:52:34 AM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling


Whether you have new replacement windows or existing windows that are original to your home, maintaining them twice a year is a great thing to do. Once in the spring, and then again in the fall. Doing the following quick procedures will improve the performance and overall life of your windows.

Test the operation of your locks.

If not properly sealed, the window could cause air infiltration that allows any air you are trying to keep out of the home inside. Make sure your lock keepers behind the lock, located on the other window sash, are in align with the locks. If they are out of alignment, adjust the keepers to line up with the locks.

Maintain lubrication of all moving parts of your window twice a year.

Doing this once in the spring or summer, and then again in the fall will keep the sashes and balance system working properly. Use silicone spray that you can find at your local hardware store. Do not use WD-40 or any lube that will collect dirt and grime. Silicone spray repels dirt and grime that cause build up and affects the performance of operation. Spray all pivots, shoes, and pins on the bottom and top window sashes.  Also, spray down each side of the frame the shoe rides in as the window goes up and down.

Make sure you inspect your window screening each year.

Over the years the screening material will stretch and break down due to the elements outside. Bushes and tree branches can also wear tears and holes when coming in contact with your screens. Bugs and insects can invite themselves into your home through these tears. New screening material is available in rolls that will need to be cut to size to fit your screen frames.  

Take a good look at all the caulking and sealant beads that are around your window.

Over time sealants can stretch, crack, and break down. Where there are voids there is a potential for water penetration.  Water is your homes worst enemy. Once a year, check the sealant around each window to avoid water coming past your window and in contact with the sheathing, lumber, and inside walls of your home. This preventive maintenance will keep your windows and walls around them in top shape and will help you avoid bigger more expensive repairs in the future.



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