Types of Doors


Patio Doors

At Shoreline Window & Remodeling, we supply patio doors by UltraWeld, ThermalWeld Plus and DyanaWeld. These provide great views and easy access to the outdoors. Get a sliding door that takes up no extra living space or swinging french doors to add elegance to your home. All of our doors are expertly installed by our highly-reliable team. 


Entry Doors

We can build steel and fiberglass entry doors depending on your preference


  • Steel Construction - Galvanized inner and outer steel sheets offer strength and durability. There is no wood to rot, warp, split or bow. It is difficult to even dent our doors.
  • Reinforced Steel Strike Plate - Attaches behind the wood strike jamb for additional security.
  • Composite Lock Block - 4"X10" composite lock block has more screw-holding power than wood. It is injection-molded for uniform size. The door remains flat and strong beneath hardware.
  • Security Standard - All steel-edge perimeter means there are no wood edges to crack when force is applied. The force of one hit from a 100 lb test weight cracks a wood edge steel door. Polaris Ultra Entry Steel Doors do not force open after 7 hits of a 100 lb test weight for a Grade 40 Security Rating. 


  • Stiles - Composite stiles provide complete waterproofing for insulation and screw-holding power 2 times better than wood.
  • Thick Skin - Fiberglass reinforced skins are resistant to dents, dings, splintering and corrosion.
  • Engineered Rail - An engineered composite bottom rail prevents moisture from seeping into the door.



Find the perfect entryway door for your home by uploading a photo of your home to the Door Stylizer!


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