Choosing the Right Vinyl Replacement Window for Your Home

Jun 14, 2018 9:57:39 AM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling



When you decide that it’s that time to replace those old drafty windows in your home choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are a few guidelines that you can go by throughout your purchasing process that will make things a little less confusing.


The construction of Vinyl Replacement Windows

A quality vinyl window frame and sash will be welded in all four corners for rigidity, and a clean seamless design.  All windows have weep holes, some will have them in the main frame, when others will have them out of the frame and instead installed on to the sill. Weep holes that are installed in the main frame allows water to enter the window, and when kept clean and not clogged will drain out and away from the home. When clogged, water sits inside and is unable to drain and has a potential to start rotting the framing of the house. Weep holes that are installed onto the sloped sill of the frame never allows water to enter the window and always drains away from the house.


Glass packages for Vinyl Replacement Windows

There are different features you can choose from when deciding on the right glass package. 

Double Pane Glass typically comes standard in most Vinyl Windows. Commonly most glass is high performance. Low E and Argon Gas come in between each pane. Low E helps block the UV Rays that enters the home that fades carpet and hard wood floors. The coating also cuts down the heat entering through the glass and keeps rooms inside your home cooler. Argon Gas slows down the loss of cooled air through the high performance glass in the summer produced by an air conditioner. In the winter Argon Gas helps keep the glass insulated which slows down the loss of warm air produced by a heating source.

Triple Pane Glass has three separate panes within the sash of the window. Great for homes that sit on a field with very little wind blocks. It is also a great choice if you live in a climate with harsh winter months.

When it’s that time to start shopping for Vinyl Replacement Windows make sure to do some research on the remodeling companies you are considering, and most of them should have the knowledge to answer any questions you are asking them about their product.  



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