Winterize your Home with this Window and Door Checklist

Jan 12, 2018 3:12:03 PM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling


 Winterizing your home can save you a lot of money and helps prevent issues that come with the cold weather.  Use the checklist below to make sure your home is ready.


  • Make sure all surfaces caulked around window are properly sealed, and not cracking or peeling.
  • Consider using thermal lined drapes over your window opening to slow down cold air infiltration.
  • Be aware of broken seals or cracks in window glass or frame. Call your local window or glass company for replacement or repair.
  • Install weather-stripping around window sash, the operating part of the window that opens and closes.
  • You can use window insulator kits, they include plastic coverings that adhere to the window glass. On the downside, they cut down viewing and are not to attractive.
  • Call your local window and remodeling company for an assessment on which windows you want to replace and get a quote for new vinyl or wooden replacement windows if you notice any of the following when inspecting:
    • The age of your windows exceed 20+ years.
    • You notice unrepairable rot to window sash or frame.
    • Your sashes are stuck close and are non operable anymore.
    • You can’t stop the drafts coming into your home. 


  • Check your door opening and make sure you have a proper seal and locks correctly.
  • Install storm doors to entry doors to block drafts. If using a storm door with interchangeable glass and screens make sure glass unit is installed.
  • Look for rotting thresholds and door frames where cold air can be infiltrating and replace rotting wood.
  • If your entry doors are aging, rotting and not sealing properly, consider calling your local window and remodeling company for an in home assessment, and quote for replacement.


Need assistance winterizing your home? Call Shoreline Window and Remodeling for all your window, door, and remodeling needs. 



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