Replacing Glass for Existing Windows in Your Home

Oct 11, 2019 9:26:50 AM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling


Over the years, the windows in your home take a beating from the outside elements. There are some normal problems that can occur during the lifetime of your window glass due to normal wear and tear or extreme weather conditions.

A seal failure is one of the most typical issues that will occur in any window with insulated glass panes. A fog will form in-between the panes of glass that you will not be able to reach to wipe clean. This occurs when the spacer that separates the two or three panes within the window sash come loose which allows the gas to separate and eventually causes moisture build up along with obscured vision. 

Another common problem that can happen would be a stress crack. This can happen with expansion and contraction of the glass panes within the sash, typically with weather changes. With the stress of the glass moving from this a crack can form usually from the glass edge inward toward the middle of the glass. 

The first step to resolving these issues would be to contact the window manufacturer or contractor that installed the product and if still under warranty, set up a warranty service.  If the product is still under warranty the manufacturer should be able to replace the insulated glass unit, or window sash. These items can be shipped to your home or to the contractor, whoever is doing the service work. 

If the product is not under a warranty anymore, you can either deal with the manufacturer directly, or in some situations, it can be more economical to contact a glass company that specializes in cutting and making insulated glass units. Most glass companies will also offer a service to come out and install the new unit. 

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