Can You Do Home Remodeling and Installations In the Winter?

Feb 13, 2019 10:27:47 AM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling



Remodeling companies often get questioned by past and potential clients if they take on jobs and certain installation procedures throughout the winter months.  The answer from most companies is yes, they do take on work during this time of the year. Along with the weather, there are a few changes that take place throughout installation to make sure everything goes as efficiently and productive as possible.

Winter weather can be quite cold, windy, and snowy. Keeping the elements outside of your home is a must. Drop cloths and runners are put down to protect carpet and hardwoods. Workers also wear protective covers for boots to keep all floors clean and dry. While companies are installing products like windows and doors instead of removing multiple openings, a slower method of removing and installing a single opening takes place. The overall process of the job slows down a little but keeps the home warmer and drier throughout the day.

Don’t shy away from getting a remodeling project done during the winter months. Every step throughout the scope of work is done as efficient as the warmer months, installation crews just have to take a few extra steps to make sure your home is protected and as warm as possible.


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