Getting Replacement Parts for Your Existing Windows

Apr 14, 2020 3:30:17 PM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling

Over the years the windows in your home take a lot of abuse due to weather conditions and user operation. Some of the operating features and mechanics will break down over time and then can fail. If you have already replaced windows or know that the windows in your home have been replaced in recent years they still should have a manufacturer warranty. Most common warranty periods range from ten to thirty years and cover glass and mechanical part failures.

One of the most common problems that happen is a broken pin. Every window sash has two pins on each side of the bottom of the sash that is mechanically screwed. These pins can snap over time. You will know when this happens because the sash itself will have a hard time operating up and down and won’t tilt in.

Another mechanical problem that can occur is a broken window shoe. The shoe is connected to the balance system that operates the window up and down and the sash pins sit inside the

shoe. When the shoe breaks you will not be able to operate the window sashes. The balance system itself can fail and lock both top and bottom sashes in place and can be very

difficult to move and tilt in, or once broken loose the sashes can drop immediately or fall out the window frame itself.

If you are experiencing any of these problems call your manufacturer and they will assist with looking up your product information and let you know warranty details. Most companies will send out a technician to replace broken parts and get your windows back in working order.

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