Aging In Place: Tub To Walk In Shower Conversions

May 11, 2018 9:20:48 AM / by Shoreline Window and Remodeling


 As we age, we are always looking for a way to improve safety and ease of mobility and access throughout our homes. We never know when a crisis can occur. There are different ways to try and prevent these situations or avoid them with preparation. A bathroom, in particular, is one room in our homes that plays a big role in these situations. The bathroom is a staple that we use every day, and bathtubs are most common for washing ourselves. 

The bathtub serves a great purpose to take a bath and wash our children. As life goes on, we find the need for that big bathtub no longer exists. It can be a pain to get in and out of and the chance of an unexpected slip and fall increases as we lose mobility. With this being said, there are ways to improve the shower area to best suit your needs.

Converting your bathtub and surrounding walls into a walk in shower will greatly increase accessibility and safety. Removing the tub and putting in a shower base with a low profile bottom eliminates those big steps in and out of the wet area. If specified given the situation there are thresholds at the bottom of shower bases that are ADA compliant that allows a wheelchair to be easily rolled into the shower area. Shower bases or pans are made of fiberglass, along with ceramic tile and cultured marble.

Shower walls are made of fiberglass, cultured marble or ceramic tile depending on what look and material you choose, along with how much maintenance you want to deal with over the years. Adding grab bars to your shower walls will help distribute weight getting in and out and moving around as you shower. A bench or chair can be added to the shower base when sitting and resting is the only option as you shower. Hand held shower heads are a great way to increase safety and ease with the option to mount to any wall in your shower and when in use decreases body movement when either sitting or standing with the ease of the handheld unit.

We all value our homes and want to stay in them as long as we can as we age, a remodeling project like a tub to walk in shower conversion adds value and the biggest thing safety for your bathroom.





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